DAO fully governed project

Blockchain NFT platform to bet on celebrities' public and private lives.


Win and enjoy together with your favorite actors if nominated, or married.


Bet on the first soccer player who gets a red card, or the first to score in the NBA.


Win when the chosen politician wins an election, or is the next one to die.

No bookmakers
Passive earning
Weekly Jackpot

The Social dApp Web 3.0

Penky is a decentralized platform that allows users to bet on celebrity real life events. Bets and winners are decided and approved by a jury drawn randomly among users: in Penky there is no house bookmaker, it is an open-source project self-managed by the Community. A transparent and autonomous NFT betting dApp based on the side-chain of the partner Matic Polygon, using the Penky token as a unique element for placing bets, managing the Community and allowing token holders to trade it on centralized & decentralized exchanges.
  • Bet via NFT on real-life celebrity events and win when they come true.
  • Get your passive gain on other people’s bets owning celeb NFTs.
  • Own Penky Governance to become the House and earn weekly fees.
  • Join the DAO to take structural decisions in the whole project.
  • Be rewarded for actively participating in the Community as a Judge.
  • Trade celebrity NFTs using the Penky token with no transaction fee.

Penky Platform will be announced publicly on October 5, 2021

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Liquidity for initial project costs and decentralized pools is provided by the Founder Liquidity Program for a total of $600k, split into six shares of $100k. Each share provides a return on the investment over a short / long period time with a maximum earning of $240k for each individual Founder (without consideration PENKY's increasing value).

Liquidity to provide: $100k

The corresponding portion of the liquidity in PENKY is provided by the DAO, the full liquidity (USDT + PENKY) will be kept in the exchange indefinitely.

Maximum benefits: $240k

💰 $120k in Penky. Locked for 8 months.
💵 $30k in USDT from Private Sale. Max value.
💵 $60k In USDT from Public Sale. Max value.
💎 $30k in Governance, received after 8 months.

Limited Founders

The Founder Program has 6 slots where these unique benefits are gained. Once completed, a Liquidity Program begins thus offering further benefits.

Choose the Sale that's right for you

The Founder Program, Liquidity Program and Private Sale aim to prepare the market for the Public Sale by providing liquidity on DEXs up to $2M. Discover the different benefits:
Liquidity Program
value $110k*per year
$60k Penky locked 10 mths$60k Penky locked 10 mths
$15k USDT (Private Sale)*$15k USDT (Private Sale)*
$30k USDT (Public Sale)*$30k USDT (Public Sale)*
$5k Governance > 8 mths$5k Governance > 8 mths
Founder Program
value $240k*per year
$120k Penky locked 8 mths$120k Penky locked 8 mths
$30k USDT (Private Sale)*$30k USDT (Private Sale)*
$60k USDT (Public Sale)*$60k USDT (Public Sale)*
$30k Governance > 8 mths$30k Governance > 8 mths
Private Sale
value $16k*per year
$10k Penky OTC$10k Penky OTC
$6k USDT (Public Sale)*$6k USDT (Public Sale)*
*Maximum value calculated considering the expected hard caps without taking into account PENKY’s increasing value.

+10000 Celebs

Penky has a total of 58 categories for over 10,000 celebrities. All living, the NFT's subjects vary from the world of entertainment to sportsmen, from influencers to politicians, passing through religious figures, prisoners, entrepreneurs, musicians, Royal Families, scientists and those most wanted by the FBI.

Unlimited bets

Bets are written directly by the Community and there are fresh ones every day. Each NFT's Celebrity can join multiple bets that are related to real Celebrity public and private life, such as: professional success, marriage, divorce, entry into rehab, pregnancy or an arrest.

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