DAO fully governed project

NFT platform to bet on celebrities public and private lives


Win and enjoy together with your favorite actors if nominated, or married.


Bet on the first soccer player who gets a red card, or the first to score in the NBA.


Win when the chosen politician wins an election, or is the next one to die.

The Social dApp Web 3.0

Penky is a decentralized platform that allows users to bet on celebrity real life events. Bets and winners are decided and approved by a jury drawn by lot among the users of the platform: in Penky there is no house bookmaker, it is an open-source project self-managed by the Community. A transparent and autonomous NFT betting dApp based on the side-chain of the partner Matic Polygon, using the Penky token as a unique element for placing bets, managing the community and allowing token holders to trade it on centralized & decentralized exchanges.
  • Bet via NFT on real-life celebrity events and win when they come true.
  • Get your passive gain on other people’s bets owning celeb NFTs.
  • Own Penky Governance to become the House and cash weekly earning.
  • Join the DAO to take structural decisions of the whole project.
  • Be rewarded for actively participating in the community as a judge.
  • Trade celebrity NFTs using the Penky token with no transaction fee.

Jury and Decentralization

The Jury is an innovative element in the online betting sector and constitutes one of Penky's decentralization mechanisms which benefits the platform's Community of players. In Penky there isn't an automatic system to define the winner of a bet, the Jury undertakes this by evaluating - manually and with cross-searches on multiple sources - to choose a result arriving by a majority decision.
Penky's revolution is to bring the game into the hands of users, so bets are not offered by the House, but by the platform Community itself. An ecosystem that allows the Community to independently create new bets and validate the winners. The smart contracts blindly follow the decisions of the Community and cannot be manipulated in any way.

Every user is free to propose new bets involving the NFTs available on Penky.


The bet proposal is validated by a Jury made up of randomly selected Community users.


Once completed, another random Jury determines the winner and send the winnings.

Zero Fees

The Polygon Matic sidechain is radically integrated within Penky and allows for quick blockchain transactions with zero gas cost. This dynamic allows the creation of an undergrowth of minor bets as users will not only be focused on the most prestigious Celebs.
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Passive Earnings

Each NFT owner passively earns a share from all users who bet not only on their NFT, but also on the other Celebs involved in the same bet. A unique model both in the world of NFT and in the world of betting.

New Celebs' NFTs are popped out by the Community.

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Weekly updates decided by the DAO and the Users.


DAO designers to be consistent with Penky's style.

What kind of people
can become a celebrity
in Penky?

The evaluation to define which real person can be considered a Celebrity and digitized within Penky takes place through the Penky Community itself, which has the right to propose and vote. Any Penky active user has the right to propose new NFTs, if the vote of the Judges considers the proposal valid, the NFTs will automatically be digitized and made available for new bets.

Ascribed celebrities

Those who are famous because of their lineage, such as royalty or prominent people such as politicians and world leaders.

Celebrities Made

Those who have become famous for their talent and skills in their specific field, such as actors and actresses, musical artists and sports stars.

Celebrities Famous for Being Famous

Those who become famous by attracting media attention or because they are somehow associated with other celebrities.

Trust and Transparency

Traditional online betting takes place in centralized ecosystems which - while demanding total trust on the player side - does not provide clear information about the allocation of winnings and all gaming platforms are permeated by the persistent feeling that “the House always wins”. Starting from this dogma Penky has taken the opportunity to change the rules: no third parties have the possibility of creating flawed forms or the opportunity of compromising the total transparency of bets, in Penky the House is the player. An innovative, unique and unprecedented model that guarantees total transparency, inhibits the possibility of altering the outcomes of bets and allows each user to have maximum trust in the game model since each of them is both Player and House.

Penky utilizes NFT technology to its extreme to achieve this goal: every transaction is tracked by the blockchain, every bet is publicly visible, every win traceable and indisputable. To place a bet, the player must first possess the NFT of the Celebrity he wants to bet on, thus guaranteeing an unprecedented trading market on NFTs. But not only that: for users who are focused only on betting, there’s the possibility of bet on a Celebrity without owning the related NFT. In fact a share of the bet will go to the NFT holder who earns vertically on open bets generating a passive gain even on lost bets. A revolution for the NFT world that successfully marries the betting world.

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+10000 Celebs

Penky has a total of 58 categories for over 10,000 celebrities. All living, the NFT's subjects vary from the world of entertainment to sportsmen, from influencers to politicians, passing through religious figures, prisoners, entrepreneurs, musicians, Royal Families, scientists and those most wanted by the FBI.

Unlimited bets

Bets are written directly by the Community and there are fresh ones every day. Each NFT's Celebrity can join multiple bets that are related to real Celebrity public and private life, such as: professional success, marriage, divorce, entry into rehab, pregnancy or an arrest.

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