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Hard Cap: USDT 1M
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The first sale of Penky is dedicated to Family & Friends until reaching $1M. Price is based on the daily market price. The sale is OTC - Over The Counter - and does not impact Penky's public price until it reaches $1M, or October 15, 2021. The Private sale has a minimum value purchase of $10k and a maximum per single address of $30k. The benefits for investors participating in the private sale are:

$10k in Penky. No lock-up ๐Ÿ’ฐ
$6k In USDT from Public Sale* ๐Ÿ’ต

At the end of the Private Sale, 30% of the proceeds are used to buy Penky on the market, 30% is redistributed among Penky holders (liquidity Providers & Founders) and 40% is invested in marketing to promote the Public Sale.

* max value reachable with private & public sale hard-cap goals.

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Private Sale Application

Send only USDT via ETH or Matic chain to: 0x25a7ba4a1Cc588a20DCBA332D743c5ce3Da721Fb

Remember: send only USDT on Ethereum or Polygon Matic chain.

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